Nano Browser User Guide

Nano Browser is a fastest browser and holding numerous features that are very useful. Here is the User’s guide for better understanding:

Update Alert : For updating your Nano Browser if you have administrator account and one more account in your PC then you need to login from your Administrator Account to get regular updates and update Nano Browser in just few seconds.

Interface (Left Sidebar)

When you will open a Nano Browser, you will get a simple interface. On the left hand side you can have a multiple options like download button, notepad, calendar etc... From here, you can have an easy access to these. You can easily hide the Icons as well.

Hiding Sidebar:

You can hide a sidebar anytime as per your convenience by simply clicking on the Nano Browser logo. For returning to sidebar again click on Nano Browser logo.

Download Button

You can have a download button in a cloud shape from where you can check the status of your active downloads.


For saving your daily schedules, important meetings, appointments, anniversaries, events, Birthdays etc... So that you will never miss important meetings or forget important Events.


Notepad, where you can write anything stories, articles, blogs and save it online rather writing on papers.

Contact List

You can easily take your contact backup using My Contacts option. Here, you can save unlimited contacts, email ids, and even you can import your contact in it.

World Time Zone

It shows the time of World’s major cities. This can be helpful for offices people who are having their offices in different countries and for families whose relative stays in different countries. So this way, they can come to know about the exact time of the other cities of the World.


You can save any website link to your wish list for further. You need to right click the mouse and select the option “Add to My Wish list”.

Nano shot

You can take a full web page screenshot in just a single click. You just need to click on camera shape button on top right corner and it will take a full web page screenshot.

Address Bar

Back Arrow:

Go back to the last page by clicking on this back arrow.

Forward Arrow:

Go forward by clicking on this forward arrow.

Reload Arrow:

Reload a current page by clicking this round shaped reload arrow

Recent Viewed Links:

See the recently viewed websites by clicking the downward arrow.

Reader View:

Reader view that strips away clutter like buttons, ads and background images, and changes the page's text size, contrast and layout for better readability.

Bookmark: Bookmark your current website instantly by clicking on star shaped icon.

Search Engine Selection:

Choose a search engine of your choice i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Bing by clicking on the downward arrow on right top corner of the browser.

Main Menu Options

New Tab

Open a New Tab by clicking on the New Tab option in Main Menu.

Close Tab

Close a Tab by clicking on the Close Tab option in Main Menu.


Open a Browsing History by clicking on the History option in Main Menu.


Open Download History by clicking on the Download option in Main Menu.


Open Bookmark Window by clicking on the Bookmark option in Main Menu.


Block Ads and pop-ups by clicking on the Adblock option in Main Menu.


Take full page screenshot by clicking on the Nanoshot option in Main Menu.


In options you can have a two sub-options:  Cookies  Security


You can accept the third-part Cookies. You can also set an exception for accepting cookies from the website like you can permanently block websites from where you do not want to accept the cookies. You can also set the time for keep the cookies on to your browser.


You can manage your saved passwords.

Reader View

Read content in a Reader View format by clicking on the Reader View option in Main Menu.

Language :

Choose language of your choice for browsing the web. Nano browser is available in 8 languages, by default its in English.

About Nano Browser

Here, you can know about the updated version of Nano Browser


Exiting from Nano Browser you can click on the Exit button. It requires you confirmation as well that you want to exit from the browser or not.

Page Zooming (20% to 600%)

Nano Browser offers full page zooming. Instead of just making the text bigger, this feature expands all the page elements, including text, images, videos and other content such as Adobe Flash, Scalable vector Graphics to be increased or decreased in size (20% to 600%). Zooming can be done using multi-touch pinching gestures on supported platforms.

Shortcut Keys

Users have the option of accessing common browsing functions with combinations of keys of keyboard. It saves time of users because users do not have to navigate to graphical buttons using the mouse pointer.

Some of the Keyboard Shortcut keys:

Content Copy Cut Paste

Ctrl+C: To Copy content

Ctrl+V: To Paste content

Ctrl+X: To Cut content

Ctrl+A: To select the complete text


Ctrl+T – Open a new tab.


Ctrl+ Mouse wheel Up – Zoom in.

Ctrl+ Mouse wheel Down — Zoom out.


Space, Page Down – Scroll down a frame.

Shift+Space, Page Up – Scroll up a frame.

Home – Top of page.

End – Bottom of page.

Middle Click – Scroll with the mouse.

Ctrl + Home - Move Tab in focus to start.

Ctrl + End- Move Tab in focus to end.

History & Bookmarks

Ctrl+H – Open the browsing history.

Ctrl+J – Open the download history.

Ctrl+D – Bookmark the current website.

Close Window & Undo/Redo the Selection

Ctrl+W: To Close the window

Ctrl+Z: To Undo the selection

Ctrl+Y: To Redo the selectio

Refresh and Complete URL open

F5: To Refresh the Page

Ctrl+Enter: To open a website with complete URL