Innovation and need are inter-related. Nano browser believes in innovation for betterment of society rather than monitory needs. Nano browser is the future of browsers and innovation of web technology.

Nano browser is a very innovative and unique of Nano web tech ltd. Nano Browser is a very speedy and innovative browser and is India`s first browser that has been launched. It is inclusive of the various features that are meant for user friendly approach and with a goal of protecting user privacy. Nano browser is in the Alpha version and is inclusive of so many features in the alpha version only.

Nano browser has following excellent features that will surely be loved by all users. On the main home page of the browser, there will be list of favourite websites visited by you so it is easy for you to go to that website on the next time. So if you frequently visit social networking sites, these will show as icons on the home screen. Nano Browser is available in six languages as of now, they are: English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian. You can create your wish list of websites which are your bookmarks. They will be displayed by a heart shaped icon on the left menu. You can add and delete the websites from wish-list of websites. It is a handy feature for frequent net users. When you have click download, it is going to download the content, picture, video, game or anything you selected. It is a very handy features when working on projects for the help of the users. This is a very innovative and unique feature that is the calendar feature which helps user to keep his schedule up-to-date. User can able to add birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, meetings and many more important events so that he doesn`t forget important dates. This is a very useful and innovative feature that will help user a lot. User have the ability to write notes, books, essay, story with this help of sticky notes feature which is very unique to the Nano Browser and is very creative. Contact list feature is having a lot of usefulness in terms of saving numerous contacts which can be a backup for you in case of your mobile gets stolen or lost. Contact list can save a large number of contacts and is of great help. The world time zone is an excellent feature of the nano browser as it shows times of major cities of world. This can be helpful for offices having their offices in different countries and for families whose relative stays in different countries. So this way, they can come to know what the time is for different cities in the world. This feature is the favourite of all people of all age groups as it gives a list of free games to play from and takes you to that page where there are free games available to play from. This is the most unique and innovative feature that has been developed in the nano browser. With the help of this browser feature, user can pick an item on the webpage and select it. This feature is going to connect you to popular social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter and more. This is a very creative feature that is offer by Nano Browser. You can also hide the list of icons if you want using the icon shown here.

Internet privacy of nano browser will give a mandate for personal privacy either concerned with the storing or displaying of information about oneself. Internet privacy need not achieve total Anonymity. Internet users may protect their privacy through controlled disclosure of personal information. The user permission is required before this action is taken and is dependent on what the user has authorized. Our personal browser would allow multiple users to have their own browser and its history. The Personal browser would keep your network away from the untrusted files and viruses that can get into the network. Nano browser gives very high level of security for its users. Data Compression Technology is used for faster, safer and cheaper web browsing. This makes the browser light weight and fast. Nano Browser has integrated security features which mean it has user screening, antivirus and secure browsing, data protection techniques in dabbed browsing. Threats can be caught by browser`s security screening. You can enable private browsing which will stop the browser from remembering history of the browsed content and it will also clear cache and cookies form the browser upon exit. Share links using Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc. It works on all social networking sites. You can pin images with Pinterest. You can send messages and emails. LinkedIn status can be updated using Nano Browser. On-Screen virtual keyboard is an option available on Nano Browser. This is a very innovative and creative feature offer by nano browser. Applications are automatically updated using App store and browser. This feature is available on nano browser and is free of charge. Nano Browser works on HTML5 and it also consists of WebApps store. Password security feature which is available in the nano browser is going to provide overhaul security to your system through any kind of virus and man in middle attacks. In today`s world, since security is of such high importance, these security features given by nano is a blessing.

Thus, nano browser have a lot of importance as it is the first Indian web browser that has launched and is developed by keeping in mind, not money making techniques but for the betterment of users using internet. Nano browser focuses on people first and not money. It is very user-friendly and innovative browser that is the result of hard work, dedication, and passion for technology. The alpha version only is so creative and innovative so imagine how the next versions are going to be? The innovation of nano browser is with the aim of helping users and increases the level of safety and security for the users.

Nano browser is not just an example of technical innovation but is an example of how hard-work and dedication can create wonders like nano browser and help human society with its uniqueness, usefulness and creativity. It has a lot of uniqueness with its excellent and innovative features. Thus, Nano browser is the future of browsers and innovation of web technology.