About Us

Nano Browser is a newly developed proprietary product of Nano Browser Pvt Ltd; located in Chandigarh, India. Nano Browser is the first Indian browser and is presently available in Windows PC, Mac PC, Android Smart Phones & Tablets and iOS iPhones & Tablets. The work of launching the browser in Windows, Mac and Linux, platforms is complete. Nano Browser is available in six languages as of now, which is English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian. Nano Browser has been developed using Open Source C++ technology & other open source web engines. Nano browser already has more than 10000 users.

According to the CEO Mr.Dhruv Pandey, Nano Browser Pvt Ltd develops Nano Browser with the following goals:

  • Nano Browser should be the most preferred choice of internet users all over the world.

  • Nano Browser should provide an easy and fun experience to its users with utmost care of user`s security.

  • Users should have a "Wow" experience every time they use Nano Browser.

The internet was introduced in India in 1995 and after its expansion city by city like Cyber Cafe. The CEO started surfing internet in 1997 and then he got the idea to create a Web Browser as similar to Internet Explorer because those days only the web browser was popular and available in India to surf the websites in Internet, ultimately he began working on his dream to create a browser at that point only and began hard work by doing research into this field. He registered a domain name in 1998 1st i.e. NanoBrowser.com and after lot of investment of time, money and efforts, the CEO, Mr. Dhruv Pandey formed a company called Web Solutions in 2005 for web designing and web development. He started this as a software & Web development company which could also help in research for Nano Browser. The software business flourished and research on Nano Browser continued with time. After huge success in web solutions In, February 2008, he founded a public Limited company and named it Nano Web Tech Ltd. Nano Web Tech Ltd continued to expand its client base globally and also continued workings on the Nano Browser research and development. The company has now successfully launched the alpha version of Nano Browser for PC for Windows and Mac and also launched their Mobile version which is available for download on mobile devices for Android and iOS platforms. The Nano Browser has extensive features and focus heavily on safety and security. Nano Browser is proudly India`s first browser that launched. It addresses the privacy concerns of users because we understand privacy of users. Nano Browser is very innovative. The CEO Mr. Dhruv Pandey believes in doing something for better of Indian & Global human society and hence developed unique features of security and protection of maximum privacy with Nano Browser. The team behind Nano Browser and the CEO are constantly working for updating Nano Browser with unique and new features for the users. Nano browser is very unique and innovative. Privacy protection is very strict and Nano browser is very careful with that.

When the CEO discussed the Nano Browser project with his Tech savvy guys in the team nano during meeting then some of these guys made suggestion of leaving this project because this was not initiated by any Techie of popular or leading Tech Giants companies in India. But he never agreed with tech guys suggestions and he was able to understand one thing: making Nano Browser was not the aim of profit or earning money but for innovation for India as we are making a new thing for India, which is not made by anyone yet. Making Nano Browser was not the aim of making monitory gain for the CEO. It was his whole idea of creation and innovation with better for society.

During early days of making this browser, the product failed two times after two years of heavy investment of time and efforts. However, CEO did not give up and keep continue his concentration of work on the Nano Browser. He began the work of Nano Browser in new research & technology altogether and continue efforts for 2 years and making it to perfection. Thus, Nano Browser is a result of hard work dedication and passion to help human society. It has very many innovative and exclusive features of Nano Browser.

Nano Browser is a Group company of Nano Web Tech Ltd located in Chandigarh India. Nano Web Tech Ltd is a software/Web applications development company an ISO 9001:2008 certified IT Company and also has accreditation of CMMI Level 3 equivalent. The company has a huge portfolio of customers' right from SMEs to fortune 500 companies and is in business for about 10 years. Other than Nano Browser, Nano Web Tech Ltd has also developed many other products such as Nano Chat, Nano Map, Jewel, and ERP for Office Management, Spiritual Tube and so on. Nano Web Tech Ltd has earned several awards and has also been listed in the Top 10 IT companies by the Silicon Review Magazine (http://www.thesiliconreview.com/magazines/india%202014/oct-nov-14/nano-web). The company has been awarded with the prestigious Webby Award, California for significant contribution to quality work in Software and Web Development. Nano Web Tech Ltd also has the (IAE) International Arch of Europe Technology Award 2013 in Gold Category to its credit.